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9.21.14 | OAKvsNE 

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Today in Pro Football…

The #Patriots 1st home game was nothing even close to Patriot Football! Vince Wilfork made the game winning interception against a rookie QB for the Raiders Derek Carr. Tom Brady passed for minimal yardage only one TD to Rob Gronkowski. Steven Ridley had a solid day, but nothing special. Our offense has been sputtering. Coach Belichik better find a way to get Brady some superior Athletes at wide receiver, because these 5 footers just aint gonnna cut it….. WE NEED SOME 6FT SOLDIERS QUICK!!!! 

"I cannot, I may not, I will not live without love."

- van Gogh, December 1881 (via leopoldgursky)

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Nothing sexier than a woman in a white button up.


Arch & Point - Miguel